Do you Lava the Java?


I lava the java. I’m on cup #4 as I write my first post in over a year. Didn’t mean to abandon everyone, just had to shift focus. I’m getting back to it again and I have high hopes of staying steady this time. Art is a passion of mine and I sincerely need to focus on my passion to keep me sane. Of course I’m also going to direct you to my newly redesigned portfolio website (here). Have a wonderful rest of the week my fellow creatives and entrepreneurs.


Project One – Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Luncheon


My poor little readers, how I have neglected you. L

I guess I don’t need to explain I have been busy since my last two or three posts started out that way.

So how is my first graphic design job going? Outrageously fantastic. Continue reading

So This is What it Feels Like?


I have been quiet for a few weeks. Between preparing for a career fair I ultimately didn’t go to and finally having the funds to launch my portfolio site, I have been a pretty busy girl.

The day I started putting serious time into my portfolio site was pretty normal but when I went to bed that night and heard my phone go off. It was WordPress Continue reading

Portfolio Launch


These past few weeks I have been finishing up my first official online portfolio. I would like to Continue reading

Gearing Up for a Career Fair


I don’t know what a career fair entails for everyone else. Hell, I’m still a little unclear for what it has in store for me. Continue reading